Manuel Betancourt

Featured Writing

How Tom Hanks Slowly Became America's Dad

The natural next step for America's Best Buddy

The Great British Baking Show and Being an Amateur

To be an amateur is to let one’s leisure activities remain indifferent to the whims of capital. This is my story of embracing being an amateur baker.

Understanding the Women of Pedro Almodóvar’s Movies

The Spanish auteur has been accused of making films with misogynistic themes. But too infrequently have critics considered an important factor: the director’s sexuality.

Seeing Myself In Ricky Martin — Both In And Out Of The Closet

A personal essay on the ways the pop superstar has helped me navigate my own sexuality as a fellow gay Latino.

How ‘Ingrid Goes West’ Deflates Joan Didion, the Original Millennial White Girl

In Matt Spicer’s dark comedy, the author becomes a model—and a target—for privileged, self-centered creatives

Care About Representation? Then Keep an Eye Out for Mishel Prada + ‘Vida’

The actor talks opening doors for Latinx stories, embracing nudity on camera, and why she was afraid of being labeled a “working actor.”

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