Manuel Betancourt

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How Tom Hanks Slowly Became America's Dad

The natural next step for America's Best Buddy

The Hiddleston Man: On the Competing Masculinities of ‘High-Rise’

The Hiddleston Man: On the Competing Masculinities of High-Rise.

Understanding the Women of Pedro Almodóvar’s Movies

The Spanish auteur has been accused of making films with misogynistic themes. But too infrequently have critics considered an important factor: the director’s sexuality.

Festivals: NewFest

After the honeymoon: the 2015 edition for the LGBT film showcase reflects the sophisticated and varied search for an identity in a new era.

Make Netflix Great Again: Member Reviews Reveal Backlash Against Spanish-Language Content

The streaming service has been overtaken by negative reviews tackling Spanish-language content.

Thanksgiving in May, Christmas in August: How Cable and Streaming Remade the Special Holiday Episode,

How streaming is changing that most beloved of sitcom traditions: the holiday episode.

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