Manuel Betancourt

Wall E and Beauty & the Beast, or How I’m Seeing Double

June 30, 2008 · in Seeing Double

Vulture has started the ‘Best Picture Nomination’ campaign for the adorable robot, In Contention is wary, but hasn’t seen it yet, Awards Daily is offering some great theories about the film and its Oscar prospects. And of course, we have to wonder: can WALL-E pull off a Beauty and the Beast?
Well, turns out they have more in common than we might think:
Unlikely couple. Check!

“There must be more than this provincial/trash-addled life!” Check!

Dancing sequence. Check!

Group of mish-mash secondary characters (+ a fight involving said mish-mash of secondary characters). Check!

Wooing involving wowing with stuff. Check!
A plant is at the center of it all. Check!

And to top it all off:
True Love’s Kiss prevails. Check!