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Wall‧E, or How Everything I Know I Learnt from Animation

January 24, 2009 · in Everything I know I learnt from Animation

Everything I know I Learnt From Animation
(MULTIPLE 2008 Academy Award Nominee) Wall‧E
Sure, the Academy left off both TDK and PIXAR’s gem of a movie of their Best Picture lineup, but at least it gave it a hat tip in the way of a record 6 nominations for an Animated Film (tying that other Animated film that DID crop up in the Best Picture lineup, Beauty and the Beast). And nomination or no nomination it won’t tarnish the technical wizardry of Stanton & co. And so I give you,
Top Ten Things the ‘Little Robot That Could’ Taught Me.
– If you want your movie to look and sound gorgeous, hire Roger Deakins and Thomas Newman (see also: Revolutionary Road):

– Years from now, sporks will still confound the world:

– Barbra and her legacy will outlive us all:

– Spying on girls with guns never has a happy ending:

– Only one of you needs to be conscious for a date to be successful:

– OCD is not restricted to humans:

– Be friendly to whoever you meet. It always comes in handy:

– My name (Manuel) makes for a great punchline:

– Somebody always gets left behind…

– Nothing beats the spark of romance:
What did Wall‧E teach you?