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Top 5 Films, by request or How actresses are my thing

February 21, 2014 · in Film

I’m currently teaching an Introduction to Multimedia Composition course on Cinema Appreciation in the Digital Age and for one of our class exercises on tweeting (and the forced minimalism of Twitter-length reviews) was to write-up our Top 5 favorite films. When asked for my own, and how I would present it beyond merely writing them up as a blog post (I encourage them to be more adventurous and think of original ways of incorporating visual aids in their posts), I couldn’t say no. And so, here are mine and I’d be remised if I didn’t acknowledge Kat’s own photoshopping skills having inspired them. Unsurprisingly, the top two films from my (now four year old!) blog post on the Top 50 Films of the 2000s ended up showing up here as well.

All About Eve

All About My Mother

Beauty and the Beast

Eternal Sunshine

Moulin Rouge