Manuel Betancourt

The Kids Are All Right, or How I kinda wanna drink with Annette Bening now

July 12, 2010 · in Film

Saw The Kids Are All Right and yes, all the praise is well-deserved. It is a hysterical film that treads difficult issues and doesn’t shy away from being at once light and funny, while remaining serious and heavy. The cast is in top form of course:

Wasikowska, Hutcherson and Ruffalo provide solid support for the main couple, but clearly the film belongs to Julianne Moore and Annette Bening who give nuanced and funny performances. Moore plays the west coast hippie “good vibe”/fun mom while Bening plays the uptight, ‘write thank you notes’ mom. In my head, it’s as if a gay Carolyn Burnham (American Beauty) had married a sunnier/hippier Laura Brown (The Hours).
But you know who in my head, did the best supporting work in the film?