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The Emperor’s New Groove, or How Everything I Know I Learnt From Animation

June 20, 2009 · in Everything I know I learnt from Animation

The Emperor’s New Groove might be one the wackiest, craziest and most post-modern animated films ever churned out by Disney Animation and for that (and for a certain Ms Kitt) I heart it, so I figured I’d give it the ‘EIKILFA’ treatment (I should work on a better acronym, no?).
So here goes:

Everything I Know I Learnt From Animation: The Yzma/Krunk & co Edition 

1. Siblings are annoying. Yah-haaah. Nah-haah. Yah-haaah.
2. Evening-wear + Swamp = Not a Pretty Sight.
3. Only in animation can you successfully stage a ‘Just Shoot Me’ reunion. Seriously, that show only makes me want to just shoot myself, but here, I love David Spade (so perfectly cast) and well, you can never go wrong with Ms Malick, right?
4. Irony. Yes, you heard me. Yzma taught me irony:
Krunk: Hey, that’s kinda like what he said to you when you got fired.
Yzma: I know. It’s called a “cruel irony”, like my dependence on you.
Not Alanis, sadly, despite what she may think.
5. Puss in Boots did not invent nor does he hold the ™ on Googly-cutey-eyes. I mean: don’t they look cute?
6. Getting past crowds is hard, people! [See also: Gaston in Beauty and the Beast]. I cannot stress enough how this has helped me in my NYC-subway-addled days!
7. When dealing with a tough situation, imagine yourself in tight red pants and/or in a white flowy robe. Okay, so maybe it’s not the greatest advice to take, especially from Krunk but seriously: have you never wondered what your angel/demon persona looks like?
8. Singing your own tune may sound good in your head, but makes you look like… well, Krunk. I have to stop myself so many times on the street (and on the subway, on the train, around campus, at restaurants, etc.) from doing this same thing it’s crazy. Thanks Krunk!
9. Eartha Kitt is da shit. Yep, I said it. (Oh, wait I’ve said it before, no? It’s okay, I’ll say it again: she’s great!)

What did you learn from Yzma & Krunk? (… wait, the movie is not about them? It’s about some Pacha and a llama? Well, I must have a special print of it where it skips to every single scene with Ms Kitt in it… we call it the ‘The Emperor’s New Groove: Awesome Edition”)