Manuel Betancourt

Romance & Cigarettes, or How I had waited long to see this why…?

October 17, 2009 · in Film

Romance & Cigarettes
“Life is more than just a hard-on”
Why I had waited so long before watching this film is beyond me. It’s an absurdist tale about ordinary people dealing with ordinary events in extraordinary ways through zany and literate dialogue. What other movie would feature a pregnant women ballet, a conversation about Ethel merman, a cat-fight between two Oscar winners, an affecting cameo by an Emmy/Tony winner, a speedo-loving straight man, a song celebrating red-heads, and an underwater relationship elegy?
Part post-modern musical, part-family drama, part-surrealist comedy, Romance & Cigarettes is a hilariously affecting (if uneven) film. But what I really loved was the cast. Oh the cast, they’re all lovely:

And what kind of post about Romance & Cigarettes would be complete without a scantily-clad Bobby Cannavale?