Manuel Betancourt

Road to Perdition, or How Mendes knows how to work with actors

September 14, 2009 · in Film

The more I keep re-watching Sam Mendes’ films, the more I fall in love with Mr Kate Winslet. His films are sumptuous looking and feature class-A acting. Road to Perdition, which I just revisited has great performances from Daniel Craig (pre-Bond), Jude Law (post-Ripley), as well as from two Hollywood heavyweights: Tom Hanks and Paul Newman.
“Cause it’s all so fucking hysterical!”
“I shoot the dead”
“I’m glad it’s you…”

Such an underrated film, that one.
(Which I could also say about Jarhead, Revolutionary Road and Away We Go – does the American Beauty ‘backlash’ run that deep?)