Manuel Betancourt

Recount, or How some way to de-compress after Election 08 right?

November 11, 2008 · in TV

To finish de-compressing from inexplicably following the 2008 Presidential Election like a crazy CNN-addicted person, I decided to watch the HBO film Recount (written by Whedon-alum Danny Strong and directed by – oddly enough – Meet the Parents/Meet the Fockers Jay Roach (?)). While I knew about the Florida debacle back in 2000 I had NO idea it was this fucked up. At the end of the film Spacey’s Klain asks Wilkinson’s Baker whether he think the best man won. The answer is a resounding yes – really? Klain asks. Sadly History has proven that while legally Dubya may have won Florida, that does not the best man maketh him.

What is so fascinating about Recount (other than the amazing Laura Dern as Katherine Harris, joined by a great cast) is the urgency it instils in the audience. To achieve that in a film is hard, to achieve this in a film where we all know the result, is nothing short of brilliant. I highly recommend it to anyone who followed the ‘Electoral Map’ this past year and who want to make this election even more of an event, by reliving that legal battle that in hindsight cost us all so much more than 25 electoral votes.