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Pixar’s Shorts or How Everything I Know I Learnt from Animation

September 1, 2009 · in Everything I know I learnt from Animation

Okay, so I am a PIXAR nut, sue me, okay? I already devoted a hilarious (if I say so myself) post to what I learnt from PIXAR’s full-length motion pictures, but have any of you seen all the shorts? They are equally fantastic (duh!) and so I decided to showcase them (cause you SHOULD be looking out for each of ’em) and see what they can teach all of us.

Catch: I reduced it to one lesson per short.

(Oh, and if you’re looking for the shorts based on the films, I decided they could wait – and also, you’re already aware of those so…)

Everything I Know I Learnt from Animation – Pixar Shorts Edition

The Adventures of Andre and Wally B

3D Animation has come a loooong way.

Luxo Jr

Bigger balls are more fun to play with… BEACH balls people, c’mon!

Red’s Dream

Clowns are scary.

Tin Toy

Babies are scarier!

Knick Knack

Souvenirs are only acceptable in PIXAR shorts, not in your home.

Geri’s Game

Old people are easily entertained: they don’t even need chess partners!

For The Birds

Being different is hard. So if you’re tall and lanky and wear feathers, well, I’ll be making fun of you with the rest of the bird-gang.


In the American imagination, even their mythological characters are plush toys.

One Man Band

Children should never be trusted with money.


Fat, ugly supervisors with no facial expressions and a clipboard are hell to work with/for.


Don’t piss off bunnies (see also Bugs Bunny).

Partly Cloudy

Animal babies are cute. Though of course puppies are cuter than baby alligators.