Manuel Betancourt

Paperman (2012), or How Disney’s award-winning short is gorgeous

February 24, 2014 · in Film

As promised to my students of 209:02, here is my entry in our Hit Me With Your Best Shot inspired class activity on Disney’s Paperman (2012):

My favorite shot from this gorgeous shot.

My favorite shot from this gorgeous short.

This shot sums up everything I love about this short; the wait it plays with light and depths, the pop of red lipstick, the hand-drawn feel of her hair given weight by the 3D-technology; the expressive wide-eyed optimism of the piece. I also consciously chose an image that featured the female lead because, for all its emphasis on the nebbish guy who’s seemingly the narrative engine of the piece which might frame the short as a male-fantasy come alive, the film is equally as interested in the female characters’ desire (after all, she follows the airplane while he’s unable to do anything but be forcefully guided back to her). Also, I love her gorgeous character design so in keeping with Disney tradition but gloriously modernized.

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