Manuel Betancourt

No blinking, or How Nicole submits herself for processing

February 25, 2013 · in Film

This is in response to Nat’s The Master Blu-Ray/DVD giveaway contest. Some would say I’m pandering, but this is literally the first thing that came up when I decided to submit something.

The rules?

To enter the contest you must submit yourself to processing.

I’m clearly taking a page out of Nat’s suggestions that we can do so in character.

Are you thoughtless in your remarks?

NO. Biting and truthful maybe. Never thoughtless.

Do you linger at bus stations for pleasure?
NO. I prefer train stations. They help me pass the hours.
Do your muscles spasm for no reason?
NO. I need some good verbal foreplay for that.
Do your past failures in life bother you?
NO. They make me stronger and more adventurous.
Is your behavior erratic?
YES. I can go from being a wilting flower, to being bright and bubbly or a smoldering temptress in seconds!
Do you find interest in other people?
YES. I love knowing what haunts their thoughts.
Are you scientific in your thoughts?
YES. But only when it comes to matters of national security.
Do you often think about how inconsequential you are?
NO. I’m on TV, and thus worthwhile.
Do you believe that God will save you from your own ridiculousness?
NO. I hope not! ::wrinkles nose::
Have you ever had intercourse with someone inside your family?
NO… that’s not to say I haven’t skirted with sexual taboos.
Have you killed anyone?
YES. But only to protect them.
If you were locked in a room for the rest of your life who would be there with you?