Manuel Betancourt

Nebraska, or How “what a whore!”

February 23, 2014 · in Film, Oscars

Top 8 - NebraskaNebraska

Directed by: Alexander Payne
Written by: Bob Nelson
Starring: Bruce Dern, June Squibb & Will Forte.

Oscar Nominations: 6
Best Picture, Directing (Alexander Payne), Actor in a Leading Role (Bruce Dern), Actress in a Supporting Role (June Squibb), Writing – Original Screenplay (Bob Nelson), Cinematography

“Pretty” black and white cinematography. A “gosh, old white people are hoot, aren’t they?” plot that straddles the line between condescension and naturalism that even able performers can’t save. A laconic script that reads like toothless Mamet on beer and Xanax. The line “There’s Woody’s little sister, Rose. She was only nineteen when she was killed in a car wreck near Wausa. What a whore!” uttered at a cemetery before June Squibb flashes a tombstone. Even the film’s attempts at marrying Americana landscape with a parable-like story of bootstrapping cash-strapped Mid-Western seems both oddly self-serious and borderline parodic. Whatever goodwill Payne hadn’t already squandered with the near-unwatchable The Descendants (2011), he lost it with Nebraska, a film I was so indifferent to, I’d rather not spend any more time on it. C