Manuel Betancourt

Mad Angel, or How I’m Seeing Double

August 18, 2008 · in Seeing Double

Only something like this would get by me for (count ’em!) 16 episodes before I took notice:

Manuel’s Apt.
Early Monday morning.

Manuel turns on his computer. Starts browsing blogs as per usual. Lingers on Whedonesque. Specifically this post: Vincent Kartheiser and the boys of Mad Men do a Style layout for Playboy. Of course, Manuel clicks on the link, enjoys the spread (trying to forget he is currently surfing the Playboy site!) and begins to wonder: why have the Whedonites linked to this? What Whedon-show was Pete Campbell in?

You’d think at this point it would just be a matter of putting 1 and 1 together. But no… Manuel has to go to IMDB. [Ed Note: seriously… he should be ashamed of himself, how did this get by him?!]

And then, it hits him…

Pete Campbell is Connor!

Needless to say this explains a lot:
– Why Manuel has always felt that Pete is kind of annoying in a ‘I know you from before’ kind of way.
– Why Manuel always thought that Pete’s Daddy-issues were kind of familiar in a not-involving-Oedipus kind of way.
– Why Manuel always seems to forget about Angel S4. (Joss might have unwittingly made him a part of Angel’s Wolfram & Hart memory-blanking thing…)

And now, I will try to forget this information as soon as this post is done (since I have started feeling for Pete after Season 2’s second episode, and no bastard and annoying son of Angel is going to ruin that for me!)