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Links Next Door (28/04/2014)

March 28, 2014 · in Links Next Door

Every week, I’m compiling a list of links that entertain and delight me, challenge and baffle me. I’m doing this as a sort of curating project, but also as a way to keep the blog afloat as I keep working on my dissertation.

Racism, Sexism and Hannibal Eat the Rude: I am in LOVE with Bryan Fuller’s Hannibal, which is odd considering how violent it can get, but there’s a fascinating treatise on watching violence that I find enthralling. Thus, the outrage that followed from last week’s episode was rather baffling. This 

A video that combines Lorde’s “Royals” and a scathing indictment of Hollywood racism? Count me in.

Why Selfies Sometimes Look Weird to Their Subjects “Welcome to the department of discarded selfies, a dark place deep inside my phone where dimly lit close-up shots of my face are left to fade away into the cloud. I’ve thought about sending these photos to friends many times—that’s why I took them, after all—but each time my finger lingers over the share button, a few questions stop me: Why does my face look so weird? Are my eyelids that droopy? Is my chin that lop-sided? And how come nobody warned me?” Great read over at the Atlantic (and yes, I realize that’s the second selfie-related link I’ve shared in the last few weeks).

See a model being transformed into Marge Simpson. Terrifying, beautiful and fascinating: