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Links Next Door (28/02/2014)

February 28, 2014 · in Links Next Door

Every week, I’m compiling a list of links that entertain and delight me, challenge and baffle me. I’m doing this as a sort of curating project, but also as a way to keep the blog afloat as I keep working diligently on my dissertation.

All About Oscar

A true actressexual’s dream infographic (My favorite remains Julia’s vintage Valentino)

I’m hard at work on my own Oscar party this weekend (cupcakes! pool prizes! food puns!) and Oscarmania is taking over the web. It really is gay Christmas, and everything is usually so prettily wrapped (see, attached pic for 83 such examples). More Oscar links:


What the hell is going on in that Crash (2005 Best Picture Winner) icon?

Five Myths About the Oscars by Nick Davis. A fun article on debunking oft-repeated myths about the Oscars, including the dreaded Oscar curse and the surefire ways of reaping nods though working in a Holocaust movie, I’ll add, worked wonders for Kate Winslet. Good thing she took Gervais’s advice.

The Gender Gap in Screen Time; Cinemetrics Extracts Statistical Data From Movies. I just recently showed my students the cinemetrics site and lo! the New York Times caught on. Coincidence? Obviously. But that they also paired it with Mulvey as I recently did in my Intro to Multimedia Course suggests Kevin B. Lee may be Being John Malkovich-ing me! That said, it’s a great article for all its spot-on statistical analysis and theoretical framework.

I’m so sad I wasn’t able to participate in Andrew Kendall’s annual “Motifs in Cinema” series (I wrote one up last year on Work in the Movies) but you should browse the great conversations across films that are happening in those blogs posts! Always great to think horizontally as opposed to vertically when it comes to films; we’re all so used to thinking about them as independent entities, when we experience them in such arbitrary groupings (like awards, director or star pairings, etc.) all the more often.