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Links Next Door (25/04/2014)

April 25, 2014 · in Links Next Door

Every week, I’m compiling a list of links that entertain and delight me, challenge and baffle me. I’m doing this as a sort of curating project, but also as a way to keep the blog afloat as I keep working on my dissertation.

Adrian Tomine, “Read-Handed.”

What Would You Ask Your Favorite Contemporary Cartoonists? by Carolina A. Miranda. Full disclosure: I’ve met Hilary Chute (she’s an alumni of the English department at Rutgers) and she’s pretty wonderful, not to mention one of the leading voices in graphic novel scholarship. Very happy to hear her new book  Outside the Box: Interviews with Contemporary Cartoonists is garnering such great advance press. Can’t wait to seek it out!

Speaking of graphic novels and the comic book community, here are two pieces by Andrew Wheeler (who you should really follow on Twitter; he’s always a welcome level-headed voice amidst what seems like an ocean of bigotry and ignorance):

– Sexism Sense Tingling: Emma Stone Challenges Andrew Garfield For Dumb Remark At Spidey Press Conference, where he breaks down Andrew Garfield’s senseless remarks about sewing being a decidedly feminine trait in an otherwise masculine (!) superhero.

– “personally idc about the diversity. A good story is good no matter if it’s all white males or a multi gender rainbow.” — A comment made by a person on Twitter. There is evidence that this person is straight, white, and male, but I don’t want to presume. “idc” means “I don’t care”. My response to this? = read the rest of Wheeler’s response here. It’s pretty fantastic and necessary.

How we made Performr, the art cruising app. Such a fascinating concept: is this Grindr for the art world? A digital update to late twentieth century “happenings”? An excuse to mix sex and art? A recourse to modernist psychogeography via our ever-growing connectivity?

What Alan Carr taught me about gay men’s homophobia. I feel like posts like these get written and disseminated every other month, but for that they’re no less necessary, especially as homophobia within the gay community (usually directed at those “bad gays” whose femininity and/or stereotypically swishy demeanor give the rest a bad name) is as rampant today as it’s ever been (#masc4masc, anyone?)

I love this. Had to share since it’s that time of year again and we seem to be headed for a horrid allergy season:

This is my first spring experiencing eye allergies and I HATE. IT.

— boywonderkyle (@boywonderkyle) April 21, 2014