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Links Next Door (24/01/14)

January 22, 2014 · in Links Next Door

Every week, I’m compiling a list of links that entertain and delight me, challenge and baffle me. I’m doing this as a sort of curating project, but also as a way to keep the blog afloat as I keep working diligently on my dissertation.

I’m still reeling from Oscar nominations:

Oscar, the Hero: An eloquent take on what really seems to be a pandering move on behalf of the myopic Academy to get people who don’t care about the Oscars to watch the telecast.

12 Years a Slave: Yet Another Oscar-Nominated ‘White Savior’ Story: A fascinating take on the narrative choices of Oscar frontrunner 12 Years a Slave. I can’t say that I quite buy the argument (though I’ll agree the Brad Pitt character feels a bit Deus Ex Machina) but it’s a testament to the film’s artistic potency that it can excite and challenge such takes.

So does Spike Jonze’s Her pass the Bechdel Test, or What?: Putting Jonze’s wonderful film to this seemingly simple test (1. The film must have two or more women who have names, 2. These women must talk to each other, 3. About anything but a man) is trickier than it may look.

Want more of Her? Here’s a companion piece to Jonze’s film:

The Critic & the Expert; dying breeds?

The Death of Expertise: A great piece on the democratization of opinions which does a good job of explaining the benefits of this shift in cultural currency without sounding like a curmudgeon who aches for the days when comment sections didn’t flood high-end publications.

The Film Critic in the Internet EraTimely piece for my own course this Spring (Introduction to Multimedia Composition: Cinema Appreciation in the Digital Age).