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Links Next Door (07/02/14)

February 7, 2014 · in Links Next Door

Every week, I’m compiling a list of links that entertain and delight me, challenge and baffle me. I’m doing this as a sort of curating project, but also as a way to keep the blog afloat as I keep working diligently on my dissertation.

Op-ed: Don’t let Movie Social Media get Toxic: Over at The Dissolve, Matt Singer takes the discussion from last week‘s Feminist Twitter conversation into the realm of online film criticism.

Woody Allen’s Good Name. A well-thought out piece on the Allen/Farrow PR blitz that’s been hitting lately. Choice quote: “In a rape culture, there is no burden on us to presume that she is not a liar, no necessary imperative to treat her like a person whose account of herself can be taken seriously,” though sadly the first comment pretty much sums the need for pieces like this and conversations like it to be had.

Throwing Shade. Great podcast. It’s my new favorite thing. Not only are Bryan (@bryansafi) & Erin (@gibblertron) offensively hilarious, but their need to showcase ‘ssues that keep gays and women down is all the more admirable. That they manage to reference everything from The Swan to The Crow is all the more reason to listen/watch. See them in action here:

Adaptation: Twitter Reviews: Over at the course I’m teaching this semester, I got my students to think what it means to write a twitter-length (140 characters or less) review of Spike Jonze’s Adaptation (2002). Gotta say, was pretty impressed with what they came up with in such short notice.

Phillip Seymour Hoffman’s Greatest Performances. So sad to have lost him so soon and to such an infuriating cause. Vulture celebrates the Oscar-winning actor in this slide-show.

Hollywood’s History of Faking It: The Evolution of Greenscreen Compositing: Filmmaker IQ continues to do great work and this video essay on the evolution of “greenscreen” is a treat, even if I could have done without the platitudes that plague the final moments of the video: