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Julia Roberts, or How I wonder which Julia you are… [Updated]

February 6, 2014 · in Film

Originally posted in February 2010 and re-posted now to coincide with my review’s of Julia’s newest film, August: Osage County and the resurgence of those “Which [blank] are you?” quizzes (I can’t seem to escape them lately on Facebook!)
This all started from me feeling too much like Julianne Potter lately, and then my friend saying he was just more of a Pretty Woman-type of guy. So I want to know, what kind of Julia Roberts you are.
Are you…

…just a girl in front of a guy?

…a hooker with a heart of gold?

…unable to commit because you don’t know how you take your eggs?

…just trying to be the best (step)mom you can be?

…a heinous conniving bitch who just wants to be loved?

…a firecracker with political leanings?

…always falling for the wrong (sized) guys?

…committed to a great social cause?

…a romantic at heart with family dreams?

…a chronically depressed married woman?

…that girl who used to be overweight?

…on the wrong side of the border?

…always scheming and two-timing?

…an inspiration to young minds?


Eat Pray Love


…continually looking for spiritual guidance?


Mirror Mirror


…never one to be upstaged by a young starlet?


Valentine's Day


…able to make a buck with little screen-time?

August Osage County
…in a constant struggle to run away from your dysfunctional family?