Manuel Betancourt

Heavenly Creatures, or How this is Ms Winslet’s career in a nutshell

February 22, 2009 · in Film

Is Heavenly Creatures (Ms Academy Award WINNER Kate Winslet’s film debut) a blueprint for her film career?
Let’s take a look:

A kid and a princess.
A Kid in King Arthur’s Court
Girl traveling in the rain.
Sense and Sensibility

Deranged girl syndrome.
Tragedy upon a boat.

Forbidden desire.
Lovely bicycle rides.
‘Capital Punishment’ quandaries.
The life of David Gale

Diaries. Memories. Love stories.
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
Bedridden due to illness.
Finding Neverland

She sings!
Romance & Cigarettes
Sojourns in old-school bathing suits
Little Children
Having sex with a slightly less-hot person than yourself
The Holiday

Pretty 1950s frocks
Revolutionary Road

Sexy bathtub scenes
The Reader