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Welcome to Season 4, or How 30 Rock is back!

“Hello everyone. I’m so happy to see you and to welcome you to Season 4…Which is of course the name of this restaurant, the number one Asian-fusion restaurant in New York where we will be eating the number one selling food in the rest of America.” Welcome back gang!

Mad Men, or How what to do with all this blood?

It’s fitting that one of the opening images of Mad Men‘s Season 3 premiere was of a bloodied bed due to miscarriage. If the ant colony (and it’s smashing) symbolised Sterling Cooper under the Brits, the image of the a bloodied bed from a miscarriage viscerally encapsulates several of the themes that have so far ...

Mad Men, or How "a guy walks into an advertising agency…"

The more things change…   Can we please just talk about this week’s episode of Mad Men (you know, the one that aired at roughly the same time the show was receiving its two Emmys on Sunday)? Coming hot on the heels of what I thought was one of the best episodes this season (last week’s “The Fog”), ...

Damages or How ‘iconic much?’

I just finished the first season of Damages (yes, I know! I know… I’m behind: I’ll be catching up with season two as soon as I can) and I gotta say it’s one of the most electrifying pieces of Television I have ever experienced. Not only is the acting top-notch (no surprise there since you ...

Dollhouse’s Echo/Epitaph One or How this is fearless TV at work

Dollhouse‘s ‘Lost Episodes’ (read: the original pilot ‘Echo’ – which got scrapped, and the thirteenth episode ‘Epitath One’ – which FOX refused to air in the Spring but which will be available when the Dollhouse DVDs make their way into shelves everywhere) make for great bookends to what was arguably a shaky start to Joss ...

Grey Gardens or How Barrymore + Lange = Great TV

Grey Gardens Written by: Michael Sucsy & Patricia Rozema Directed by: Michael Sucsy Starring: Jessica Lange, Drew Barrymore, Jeanne Tripplehorn, Daniel Baldwin, Ken Howard & Malcom Gets. Grey Gardens, a TV Drama produced by HBO based on the lives of Big Edie and Little Edie Bouvier Beale (relatives of Jackie O) is an amazing journey – a “riches to ...

Suri Cruise, or How I love Jane Krakowski

My name is Suri Cruise Put your hands in the air! I came out of the womb With a full set of hair!

Dollhouse delivers, or How Joss never lies

Man on the Street written by Joss is finally the Dollhouse I was waiting for.

Dominic: You played a good hand. DeWitt: I played a bad hand well. DeWitt: There is a distinction. Well played Joss, well played.

30 Rock, or How "Puerto Rican doesn’t sound right"

This show will never cease to amuse me.

Jack: It’s not because you’re a… I’m sorry. What… do you call… yourself ? Elisa: A Puerto-Rican. Jack: No, I know you can say that but what do I call you?

Elisa: Puerto-Rican. Jack: Wow. That does not sound right.

United States of Tara, or How Toni’s a hoot!

United States of Tara Written by Diablo Cody Starring: Toni Collette, John Corbett, Rosemarie DeWitt, Brie Larson & Keir Gilchrist.

If you love Toni you’ll tune in so instead of trying to praise this (albeit uneven) Diablo Cody penned pilot, I’ll just highlight what I loved:

“I can’t deal with this right now…”

“Cougar crossing!” “It tastes ...

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