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All the world’s a stage for suffering women, or How I’m seeing double

A couple of weeks ago I treated myself to what has to be the weirdest double feature I could have concocted: Lars von Trier’s Dogville and Joe Wright’s Anna Karenina. Wright’s social-politics-as-balletic-performances take on Tolstoy’s novel is obviously in a different realm from von Trier’s claustrophobic and caustic exploration of American values. Wright’s film struck ...

Inception Island or How I’m Seeing Double

Leo is really perfecting his “grieved by his wife” role no? Despite the differences in style, tone and subject matter, at heart these two Leo DiCaprio films have an unstable man trying to keep his grasp of reality intact. I enjoyed both of them more than the critical community it seems, but then I’m a ...

A Walk on the Education, or How I’m Seeing Double

I have no idea what this Diane/Viggo movie is about but while Netflix suggested I take a look at it, I couldn’t help but think back to the An Education poster – don’t they look alike?

Spirited Lilo, or How I’m Seeing Double

What do these two animated girls have in common? Other than having very interesting friends, of course.

They were both voiced by Daveigh Chase (the former in its original incarnation, the latter in its English dubbed version)

Back to the Future, or How I’m Seeing Double

Has any other franchise kept their marketing as faithful to the original as this one?

Little Miss Moss, or How Bette’s Gypsy had Peggy pre-Mad Men

Before she was Ms Peggy Olson,

Ms Elisabeth Moss was Li’l Louise opposite Bette Midler in the 1993 TV version of Gypsy.

Isn’t she adorable?

The Simpsons Wear Prada, or How I’m Seeing Double

Who knew all three Prada-attired ladies had guested as young Springfieldians?

And you can totally see Jessica Lovejoy saying “That’s all!”

Scar & Catwoman, or How I’m Seeing Double

Kitties do love their birds…

Duplicity/Nixon, or How I’m Seeing Double

I just keep wondering: which one’s Nixon then?

Paul is Tom and Seth is Kiera? or How I’m Seeing Double


[src] Get it? Because the spoof is funnier when the men DON’T get naked, right?

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