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The COLORful Side of Pride

After over 180 tweets and 215 characters shared, a month-long project comes to an end.

Last year I compiled a supercut titled “A Place for Us: Gay Men on Screen” which traced the various common ways gay men are usually represented on screen, from the flamboyant sissy to the AIDS victim, from the queer villain to ...

HBO’s LGBT History (1988-Present)

Over at The Film Experience, I am currently working my way through every film and miniseries produced and distributed by HBO that features prominent LGBT content.

Looking: Season 2 Recaps

Thanks to the ever gracious host of The Film Experience Nathaniel for letting me recap what ended up being a fantastic (if ill-fated and criminally underwatched) second season of Michael Lannam and Andrew Haigh’s HBO show Looking. Below you’ll find links to recaps of all 10 season 2 episodes:

Gay Men on Screen: A Place for Us

2014 is shaping up to be a banner year for LGBT representation. I may not call it the New Queer Television, for reasons I outlined just a few weeks ago, but it’s still worth pausing on the number of shows and films that feature LGBT characters and storylines. From the seductive allegory of Stranger by the ...

The New Queer Television? Or How does one define “queer” nowadays?

New Queer Television. The label, you have to agree, has a delightful ring to it. This is not only because it echoes Ruby B. Rich’s wonderful foundational essay on “New Queer Cinema” but because, in appropriating Rich’s term (“queer”) you get a whiff of progressive language that feels much more modern than say, “LGBT” or, ...

Hit Me With Your Best Shot: Suddenly Last Summer (1959): or How the angel of death claims another young queer boy

This article is a contribution to The Film Experience’s Hit Me With Your Best Shot series.

Nathaniel will be happy to know the last time I wrote about Suddenly Last Summer was in October 2007 for his very own Monty Clift blog-a-thon (remember blog-a-thons? They seem like a relic of an online world gone by!). What’s below is ...

Lilting & Tom à la Ferme, or How gay grief comes of age

A young man arrives to meet the mother of his recently deceased boyfriend. Amidst cultural differences (both big and small), we quickly understand that this woman, crippled by her grief, is unaware of her son’s relationship with this polite, if foreign looking young man in front of her; she feels an unwitting affinity towards him yet ...

Hit Me With Your Best Shot: Under the Skin, or How Glazer’s alien’s tale is a queer one

This article is a contribution to The Film Experience’s Hit Me With Your Best Shot series.

Scarlett Johansson may be carving out for herself the unlikeliest of film niches: the lead in an unpredictable yet seemingly heterosexual romantic sci-fi film that nevertheless works formally and thematically to mine queer desire. I’ve spoken before about ...

Los Amigos Raros, or How this #secretlittlefilm is quite something


“Cuando lo veia mudito o pensativo me he dado cuenta que era mucho fragil de lo que el estaba dispuesto a admitir” (“When I saw him silent or pensive, I realized he was much frailer than he was willing to admit”)

In an attempt to a) celebrate more non-US films, b) ...

The Importance of Being Angry, or How HBO’s The Normal Heart hits home

“And every gay man who refuses to come forward now and fight to save his own life is truly helping to kill the rest of us.” — Ned Weeks, The Normal Heart

The anger that fuels Larry Kramer’s The Normal Heart is the one thing I kept going back to as I watched ...

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