Manuel Betancourt

Buffy in July, or How my month-long Instagram challenge is complete!

August 1, 2014 · in TV

144 episodes. 140 episode titles. 13 #ThrobackThursdays, 12 selfies, 3 videos and 1 cemetery visit later, I have finished a crazy month-long Instagram challenge of using Buffy the Vampire Slayer episode titles as captions for all of my July Instagram posts. The reasoning, if there ever was any, was just to have fun, and I gotta say, I got plenty of it out of trying to figure out how I would use titles like “Doppelgangland” or “Hush.”

Below you’ll find a sampling of some of my favorites, but feel free to peruse the rest and follow me at @bmanuel:

Buffy Themed Ones!

I scattered some show-specific images throughout, showing off my Anya doll (one of two! though sadly not Bunny-costumed Anya) and my Joss Whedon-autographed copy of Buffy Season 8 #1.

“Welcome to the Hellmouth”

“Hell’s Bells”




Episode Centered!

I amused myself at times trying to echo the episodes themselves, whether with iconic lines (“Bored now!”) or appropriate props (the umbrella Buffy gets during their prom).

“The Prom”


“Fear, Itself”

“The Wish”


Getting Creative!

That I even managed to figure out how to use “The Zeppo” is one of the many small triumphs that came with this silly game, while at other times, they captions were a bit more obscure (few would know, for example, that the drink pictured is, in fact, moonshine; get it?) but this was always just a self-motivated and self-serving challenge so it made sense in my head.

“The Zeppo”

“New Moon Rising”





And then sometimes you just had to go for the literal, from beer to shadows.




“Beer Bad”


Oh, and the most popular post? The one captioned “Tabula Rasa,” for I guess obvious reasons. Plenty of Randy Giles fans out there.