Manuel Betancourt

Buffy embraced by Emmys, or How The Gift is the Most Memorable Moment of TV!

September 22, 2008 · in Uncategorized

Yes, The Gift was voted the Most Memorable Moment on TV (Drama category – Friends‘ The One Where Ross Finds Out got the Comedy category) – though you wouldn’t know it from the telecast which was so self-indulgent in its first two hours it didn’t leave anytime for any fun stuff in the last hour (cutting NPH/Cheno’s bit?! cutting away from Ms Williams and Ms Ferrera when they were presenting?! reading off the nominees/winners as if this was last year’s Golden Globes’ press conference?!)… thankfully the last hour was filled with enough Tina Fey to keep me interested.Kudos to Tina Fey for her trifecta win (and for ultimately giving one of the funniest presenter-bits with fellow SNL pal Amy Poehler), applause for Mr Josh Groban who rocked the house, a thumbs down for the Reality TV Hosts (except for Ms Klum who I enjoyed in every costume change – and really, I expected nothing else from) and a great big hooray for Mad Men for winning Best Drama Series!