Manuel Betancourt

85 Years of Golden Men, or How Olly Moss’s commemorative poster is gorgeous

February 11, 2013 · in Oscars

Did you see the official 85 Years of Oscar poster by Olly Moss?

The poster offers 85 takes on the most famous Naked Golden Man of all inspired by all former Best Picture winners. He gets to be a hobbit, impersonate Meryl, Diane, Vivien, Tom, dance like he’s a Shark & even be the King of the World! It’s a great and simple concept that nevertheless makes for a gorgeous poster. Below I’ve zoomed in on six of my favorites:

 I love seeing Oscar in drag, especially when he shows a bit of leg to hitch a ride and one-up Clark Gable.
Spaghetti anyone? I love this simple image that nevertheless takes you back to Billy Wilder’s eponymous apartment.
La-dee-da, la-dee-da — Oscar looks great in Annie’s signature look.
Never one to pass up a good chianti, Oscar sometimes needs to be tied down.
Who do you think Oscar is trying to seduce in this Mendes-directed fantasy sequence?
It makes sense Oscar would want to shield himself from bombs (critical or otherwise), even if in doing so he covers his best assets.
Which ones do you love?