Manuel Betancourt

30 Rock, or How it’s aboot time!

November 13, 2009 · in TV

Off to a slow start this a season (did they really have to spend so many episodes milking the ‘Real America’ jokes, funny as they were?) 30 Rock managed to crank out an episode that introduced the new guy (Jack/Danny Baker), saw Kenneth at his Emperor-worst, found Jenna and Tracy trying to solve problems and strengthened the (business) relationship between Jack and Liz. Basically: classic 30 Rock.
Things I loved about the episode:

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Solvers. The Problem
Kenneth: Yes, embrace your anger.
Danny: WHAT? You know, of all the weirdos I have met around here you are the worst. With your creepy Don Knotts face. That ridiculous Hitler Youth haircut.

Kenneth: What about my chin?
Danny: What about your chin? I have seen bigger chins in premature babies!
And of course, Liz’s sleeve on fire: